Hello Readers! To start this off, my name is Becky. I’m just a teenager with a lot to say and not many people to say it too, so why not tell the internet all about it! A little bit about myself is that I am from quite a small town in Canada, and writing has always been one of my passions that no one has really ever known about. I’m also currently enrolled in a program training to be a hairstylist and I love it, I’ve wanted to be one since I was in the fourth grade, when I was first taught how to do a french braid by my cousin. Another one of my passions is photography, I’ve always loved taking shots of the coolest things I could find, or shooting friends and family if they were willing. This blog is going to be filled with posts about everything and anything, so if you were expecting one solid theme across this whole blog, sorry you to let you down, lol.

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